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Dhoti Kurta and Pagri

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Dhoti Kurta and Pagri

Best Collection of Dhoti, Shawls and Kurta

For most of us, clothes worn at Vedic rituals or puja are just like normal pieces of clothing. However, they are not. Religious clothes like dhoti, shawls and kurta, when worn during a puja, increase your spirituality, your concentration (meditation on the Divine) and your chakras, hence bringing about an astonishing positive effect on your life as a whole. Chakra Yog offers a wide variety of dhoti, shawl and kurta made with quality fabric. These clothes are sattvik dresses as stated by Vedic literatures. As per ancient code of cultural conduct, men are supposed to wear dhoti kurta while performing Vedic rituals. These clothes represent our ancient heritage of rich cultures. These spiritual clothes discharge spiritual vibrations owing to their materials, shape, stitching methods, and colour and attract positive energy, protecting the wearer from negative energies around. They are believed to unblock the chakras, cleanse the malicious effects, and bind the wearer to the power of divine energies. Made from natural fibres in a simple design, these clothes are also highly comfortable to wear. They move with the body rather than feeling restrictive, they regulate body temperature more efficiently, and they also feel more comfortable for the Indian climate.

Designer Dhoti, Shawl and Kurta

For Hindus, it’s highly recommended to use dhoti, shawls and kurta for puja and festivals. It is believed they invoke the Divine, the deities and gets the wearer closer to the Almighty. Chakra Yog offers dhoti, kurta and shawls for puja and festivals made using natural fabrics. Materials like silk, cotton, and linen are best for the auspicious festivals as they absorb and retain divine frequencies. Most importantly, the color of clothes matters as well. Colors such as red, yellow, white and blue invite spiritually positive energies into the wearer’s life whereas dark colours like black and charcoal cause distressing vibration.

Why designer clothes from Chakra Yog?

At Chakra Yog we help you select the right clothes for rituals as sattvik clothes for such occasion is the best way to give a warm welcome to the deities New clothes for festivals attract the positive waves sent out by deities and bless the wearer with good health, wealth, success and prosperity. We believe that the right colour clothing binds you to the positive vibes of prayer and puja, sanctifying your mind, body and sou. Such clothes protect from negative energies during religious rituals and auspicious occasions.

If you want to know more about our spiritual clothing, get in touch with our experts. We assure our clothes are energized made with finer cloth.